House of Worship

. . . Long ago, Long ago Long ago this was a great house of worshipMen came from far and wideTo hear powerful leaders speak of God. . . Today, TodayToday I am old and only my bones remainThe grass, the flowers, the trees worship here nowFox, and mice, and birds all congregate. . . … Continue reading House of Worship

Come Holy Spirit

I sat in the rocking chairscent of roses fill the airhummingbirds flit from bloom to bloomsoft insect sounds sing me to sleepsoftly, so softly, the spirit comesI am here, creator speakin my heart I hear your whispersYou sing me into being Ruth Jewell, ©March 5, 2020Photo: The Guardian of the Woods

It is Good?—Prayerful Tuesday

“And God saw that it was good.” Genesis 1:10b In the last weeks God’s creation has seemed anything but good.  Terrorist attacks, ambushing of police, and police shootings of unarmed young men continue to rent the very fabric of our society.  Yet God did not create an evil world, in fact God proclaims this world … Continue reading It is Good?—Prayerful Tuesday