What is truth”?

TRUTH Pilot asked “what is truth”? he didn’t expect an answer today I ask, “what is truth”? and … I do want an answer, but … where does truth reside within the cold, hard shell of facts, or … within the shifting gaze of time? will once I have the “truth” in my hand will … Continue reading What is truth”?

One Sunday Morning

One Sunday morning Everything changed I lost who I was Found who I am Who is this new person? Ten years spent seeking Only now awakening Foundations lain down Fears laid bare Eyes bright with new paths Ears ringing with new voices Mouth joyful with new words Heart beating a new rhythm Grace of the … Continue reading One Sunday Morning

Good Friday

John 19:16-22 Pilate only wanted Jesus to be an example;              the Jewish Leaders wanted him dead. Pilate wanted security and stability;              the Jewish Leaders wanted to protect the status quo the People wanted a “King of the Jews”;             Jesus wasn’t what they expected the People wanted security and stability;             Jesus brought … Continue reading Good Friday