Road to Emmaus — Prayerful Tuesday

Road to Emmaus, Rembrandt   The story of the two disciples on their way to Emmaus who meet the resurrected Jesus is a familiar story to us all, maybe to familiar. I found this drawing of Rembrandts and it touched me in a way some finished painting cannot. If you look closely you will see … Continue reading Road to Emmaus — Prayerful Tuesday

all will be well — Prayerful Tuesday

all will be well and all will be well and every manner of thing will be well Julian of Norwich, late 14th century mystic The last couple of weeks have been a bit troubling for me. In one week I heard of the death of three of my friends and then there was a three … Continue reading all will be well — Prayerful Tuesday

Never Too Early – Prayerful Tuesday

I’m so sorry this post is late but life just seems to interfere at times, especially during Holy Week. But I did want to talk about “life.” No, not the meaning of life but rather how fragile life is. In the last two weeks two friends have passed on to next life. One was in … Continue reading Never Too Early – Prayerful Tuesday

Party with Prostitutes – Prayerful Tuesday

Last week a friend posted this video of Dr. Tony Compolo and I thought I’d share it with you this morning. I really don’t need to add anything except the following two requests. If you know someone who is in need of love give it to them. Don’t let stereotypes get in the way of … Continue reading Party with Prostitutes – Prayerful Tuesday

Prayers of Compassion, Visio Divina – Prayerful Tuesday

In the last week I have watched the reports from the mudslide in Oso Washington and my heart is filled with sorrow for all the victims lost and recovered alive. Last night I used this picture as my prayer focus and found it rich in prayers for all the victims and the responders of this terrible … Continue reading Prayers of Compassion, Visio Divina – Prayerful Tuesday

A Grandma’s Loves

  Today I sat with Both my loves Today I held them In my arms  One love is soft and warm A small bundle of wriggling flesh A ball of laughter A tiny hand in mine One love is tall and strong Wrinkles where once was firm, smooth skin An intense love that feeds my … Continue reading A Grandma’s Loves