God in a Box

We human beings seem to enjoy forcing God and Jesus in to little boxes “we” think they should fit. Each of us has a different little box on a shelf and we only let God or Jesus out when we “think” we need them.  God allows us to limit her effects on us and taste the freedom of doing things on our own.  But, the freedom has consequences we must face every time.  And, long-term consequences may never be connected to a past decision to choose our way over God’s way.

I am owned by 3 parrots and I know if I let them out all the time they will create havoc in my house so I am careful to let them out only when I can watch them.  I think I’m keeping them safe, yet I also know that if they don’t have the freedom to be parrots they will die.

When I keep the Divine Three-In-One in a box, I am behaving as if they will create havoc in my life just like my feathered friends. However, I am learning havoc is created when I allow my relationship with God to be only on my terms.  When I choose to let God in and lead me where She will then life, while it may not be easy, is rewarding.   It has taken me a lifetime to learn that God’s choices for me are never wrong.  I may not understand how right those choices are until much later but God always leads me in the right direction.

No, Not Now

Come, we have work to do
no, no I have other things to attend to
Come, I need your help
not now! my yard needs weeding
Come, follow me
maybe later, I must take care of family first
Come, the work will not wait
get someone else then; I’m sure they would do better!
COME, it is you I want
well, what is it that you want of me?
To follow where I lead
where will I go, what will I do?
I will tell you when you get there
that’s kind’a nebulous you know
Yes, but if you come great joy awaits
yeah, how will I take care of myself?
I will take care of that, don’t worry
sure that’s what you say now
It is what I always do
ok, so I follow you, how will I get home?
Where I am, Home is

(c) Ruth Jewell March 25, 2010