Hand Drawing a Labyrinth Meditation – Prayerful Tuesday

Drawing a Cretan or Classical Labyrinth http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cT9BdWMrvnA Note: the artist is making a right hand labyrinth, instruction are for a left hand labyrinth.  The method is the same; the difference is the starting point, which is from the top left hand short angle line to the top long center line. I love walking a labyrinth, … Continue reading Hand Drawing a Labyrinth Meditation – Prayerful Tuesday

Walking a Labyrinth — Prayerful Tuesday

Several years ago I led a labyrinth walk on September 11, in memory of the World Trade Center Disaster.  It was held in the churches outdoor labyrinth and the day was perfect for walking. I placed two baskets at the entrance of the labyrinth, one held fallen leaves to represent those who had died that … Continue reading Walking a Labyrinth — Prayerful Tuesday