Liturgy as Spiritual Practice – Prayerful Tuesday

According to my old college American Heritage Dictionary “liturgy is a noun defined as a fixed set of ceremonies, words, etc., that are used during public worship in a religion; ritual.” [1] As followers of faith traditions we most often encounter liturgies when we attend religious services.  But all rituals having a set order to the … Continue reading Liturgy as Spiritual Practice – Prayerful Tuesday

Prayerful Tuesday, Paying It Forward, August 27, 2013

Prayer Practice of Paying It Forward Paying it forward is described as the recipient of a good deed turning and doing a good for some else instead of rewarding the donor. It is based on the idea that if everyone shared what they had the world would be a better place. Today, this week, I … Continue reading Prayerful Tuesday, Paying It Forward, August 27, 2013

Beguine Again and Prayerful Tuesday

Beguine Again There are four of us and we have decided to begin an online spiritual community. We come from different social backgrounds and different religious traditions, but none of those matters. What does matter is we wish to share our spiritual experiences with others, to offer prayers, participate in studies and to “do good … Continue reading Beguine Again and Prayerful Tuesday


A Story of Three Women Three Women drink tea in the morning Each on their own Terraces Secure within their walls They offer the daily morning wave The Elder, the Middle, the Younger Careful not to offend They talk each day Across a Chasm filled with white still Fog One day things changed A breeze stirred … Continue reading Family