Memories, Memories

Birthdays make me reflective and as I get older the more reflection I seem to need. I just had my birthday and I have been contemplating memories of the last 72 years.  I find it hard to believe that I’m in my 70th decade and it is even harder to believe I survived all those … Continue reading Memories, Memories

An Election Prayer

Tomorrow, November 8th, is election day and I am becoming increasingly concerned about what will happen tomorrow and in the days and months that follow. This campaign has been so very divisive, hateful, and acrimonious that I fear for the safety of whoever wins and for our own. The name calling on both sides and the call … Continue reading An Election Prayer

A Prayer for Healing

Holy One, I am racked by pain, my flesh is set afire, and my lungs rattle with every breath. My nights are filled with terror, my bed soaked with tears, I turn to You, O LORD, for help in my trial. I surrender into your healing arms, my wretched body, my weary spirit, seeking rest … Continue reading A Prayer for Healing