Gratitude Prayer

Lord, you are my Guardian
You dance with me in the light of joy
You hold me in the darkness of sadness
You are ever with me

Guardian, you are my mentor
You teach me to love the unlovable
You teach me compassion for those in pain
You teach me to stand with the voiceless

Lord, You feed my spirit
You feed me love, peace, and justice
At Your table I am:
              never hungry
never lonely
never afraid

Lord of light
Guardian in the darkness
Lord of wisdom and knowledge
Lord who brings me peace . . .

Yor are ever with me
You are ever
You are

Ruth Jewell, ©January 28, 2023

Wounded Child

wounded child
wounded child

in a hidden cave of my heart
crouches a little girl
battered, scared
she sits in fear

humiliation has taught her
she is unworthy of love … success
better to hide …
to stay silent

a light shines at her feet
a hand reaches out
“come, it is safe”
“come, you are loved”

hope grows …
maybe …
“can I really believe”
“are you tricking me  … again”

“come,” says the light
a hand takes a small hand
one step at a time
out of the dark

Ruth Jewell, ©January 18, 2013