A Quiet Walk

Shepherd me, O God, beyond my wants,

wounded child

wounded child

in a hidden cave of my heart
crouches a little girl
battered, scared
she sits in fear

humiliation has taught her
she is unworthy of love … success
better to hide …
to stay silent

a light shines at her feet
a hand reaches out
“come, it is safe”
“come, you are loved”

hope grows …
maybe …
“can I really believe”
“are you tricking me  … again”

“come,” says the light
a hand takes a small hand
one step at a time
out of the dark

Ruth Jewell, ©January 18, 2013

2 thoughts on “Wounded Child

  1. marveck says:

    Beautiful, Ruth. Thank you!


  2. Just lovely Ruth!!! Thank you for such a beautiful and deeply profoud piece of writing.
    Sandy O


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