A Thanksgiving Prayer

The Feast comes in many forms;

bread and wine
in remembrance
of a life given in love

A sandwich shared
on street corners
and alley ways

A comforting hand
strong and sure
when life’s troubles overcome

A mother’s loving gaze
upon her new born babe
tears of joy fill her eyes

A child safely home
from battlefields
in faraway places

Today, we offer thanks

thanks for food shared
for the blessedness of family and friends
for the grace of being able
to sit at our groaning board

We who are blessed
offer prayers for
those who are far away
those who do not have enough
those who suffer from illness, and,
those who struggle to recover from disaster

So in gratitude and with humble hearts

We thank you, Oh Holy Spirit for the feast laid befor us.
thank you for the ground it was cradled in,
thank you for the sun and rain that nurtured it
thank you for the farmers who carefully harvested it
thank you for the hands that lovingly prepared it.
May this food feed our bodies
as You feed our souls.  Amen

Ruth Jewell ©November 22, 2012

One thought on “A Thanksgiving Prayer

  1. Thanks Ruth for gracing my Thanksgiving morning with your prayer. You and John have a good day. I like this:

    “Thanksgiving! I think it’s one of our best holidays. Good food. Good friends. Good
    family. Deeply spiritual. Transcends religious and ethnic boundaries. Historically
    related but not locked into any kind of literalistic interpretation of history.
    Iconically American but available to all. Always room for one more at the table.
    Saturated with memory but can be refreshed each year.” – Dr. R. Scott
    Colglazier, Senior Minister: First Congregational Church of Los Angeles


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