This I Believe

  1. All of us have a God-given purpose
  2. The Holy Spirit, Christ, God will not abandon us, we, however can abandon God
  3. We are not a people on the edge of death, we are a people leaping into life
  4. If we have faith in who we are and who we will become in the name of the Divine, we will succeed
  5. As we re-member with God we learn who we are meant to be
  6. Change hurts
  7. Letting the Divine lead us is not easy because we have trouble ‘hearing’ Gods voice
  8. Learning to ‘listen’ for the voice of God is hard work, but practice makes perfect and each time we try our ‘hearing’ gets better
  9. Fear is the little killer that will keep us from hearing and following God
  10. Fear is always disguised as a ‘rational’ voice that tells us if we try anything new we will fail, it is too hard, no one will follow us
  11. Fear puts barriers between us and God
  12. Fear is the servant of our own Ego
  13. Ego wants only to rule, not serve
  14. Ego manipulates us and those around us
  15. Ego creates fear so it will be safe
  16. Ego must always win
  17. When Ego wins, God loses
  18. Miracles happen when we ask for them and when we believe they will happen
  19. Miracles aren’t just big-ticket items, they are the everyday occurrences where we see little step-by-step gains
  20. Hope  is born when we see little miracles
  21. Faith grows when we accept God is with us on our path
  22. God does not live somewhere ‘out there’, God lives within me, us, and within each and every living thing
  23. God answers prayers, maybe not the way we expect, but, if we listen we will hear the still small voice
  24. God is lonely sometimes
  25. The Divine wants us to call on Her
  26. The Divine wants us to use Her to succeed on our God-given path
  27. The labyrinth is only one tool many have used to call on and connect with God
  28.  There are many others tools that open us  to God
  29. The  Holy Spirit is moving within us and calling us onward to a new life
  30. Fear  disguised as ‘sound advice’ puts the Holy Spirit in chains
  31. I will not fear, I will free the Holy Spirit to live in my life
  32. I have  faith we will succeed because … I believe in miracles

Ruth Jewell, ©October 1, 2012

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