I’m Afraid

I’m Afraid

I must tell you I am afraid. Afraid of what will happen if the Orange Butt Hole wins, afraid of what will happen if he will not accept the results if he doesn’t.  I am afraid of the Orange Butt Hole’s supporters if Biden wins. Afraid of what they will do because they are lost souls who have put their trust in a soulless person.

We have always had people who have been outside of society, who have turned away from justice or kindness. But in general the people of this country have recognized them as outliers of civilization and have not placed them in positions of power. Twenty-five to 30 years ago we started electing soulless men who were only greedy for power and that has led us to a crossroad, the same crossroad Germany faced in the 1920’s.  So yes, I am afraid, I am afraid we are headed towards a Nazi run country.

Yes, I know calling Donald Trump an Orange Butt Hole is offensive, so is calling him a soulless person.  But there is an old saying that says every time you do evil you kill a piece of your soul.  Well Trump has done so much evil that I do not think he has a soul left. His greatest evil is taking the souls of his supporters and using them to terrorize the people of this country. Turning our country into a place where fear, partisanship, racism, classism, and hatred for anyone not heterosexual, male or white becomes the rule and not the exception.

How we vote will determine if we can regain the soul of this country.  How we act following election day on November 3rd will determine if we will keep that soul. I am praying, hoping, and wishing, I have my fingers and toes crossed that those of us who desire justice will stand up for it on November 4th. Let us join together not to keep hate king, but to send it out of this country.  Let us join together to bring back honesty, compassion, and justice from the liars, the greedy, the political fiends who would see only the rich survive and let the rest of the country die.

Can we do that?  Can we be better than what we have seen in the last 4 years of the Orange Butt Holes administration?

Ruth Jewell, ©October 29, 2020 

3 thoughts on “I’m Afraid

  1. Do you realize it is easier to tell the world you are a Christian than to tell the church you are a Democrat? My Pastor sent an email to his council telling us we should stock up provisions because of the shortages that are coming if the elections go the wrong way. He wasn’t referring to Trump losing, and, by the way, he is a person of color.


    1. Yes I know, I am 73 and for years I was afraid of giving out my political views. no more. Thirteen years ago I began theological study and realized my perception of a non-political Jesus was wrong. Jesus was a radical teacher at time not all dissimilar from the time we are in. If we are to be true followers of the rebel Jesus then we stand up and be counted. We can no longer let those who twist his words for greed, hate, and power to continue. I am not a person of color, I don’t need to be to follow Jesus, who was a person color. I only need to do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with God. And, sometimes that walk means defying the status quo, and defending those who can not defend themselves. The next couple of months will not be easy no matter who wins. Do not loose heart, there are others just like you are standing up as well.


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