A Variation on the Lord’s Prayer

Abiding Spirit, surrounding us in love,
Honored be your name.
Your Kingdom grows in all Creation
Sacred is the work of the earth,
As earths children reach for the universe.
Fill us with the bread of your word,
And forgive the errors of our ways,
Just as we forgive the errors
Of those around us.
Guard the path we walk,
And keep those who would do us harm
far from our travels.
We praise the Kingdom of your Universe
Filled with the power of your love in all our
Yesterdays, todays and tomorrows,
Now and forever more.

By Ruth Jewell,
©November 4, 2011

I awoke about 2 am this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep.  Running through my mind was this variation of the Lord’s Prayer.  I had to get up and write it down in order to return to sleep.  As I read it now I recognize some of the issues I have with the traditional language and the feeling that I need a closer connection with creation.  The words of the prayer are genderless and non-human specific and that is becoming increasingly important to the way I view God and the universe.

Humans are just one of the many species living in God’s Kingdom and we are dependent on the life-giving graces of all who make up Creation.  The damage we humans have done to creation on planet earth is life threatening to all who live here and we seem to ignore the seriousness of what we have done, and doing. If we have truly been given the special charge to care for this earth we are spectacular failures.  If the children of earth are to survive we must change our ways and begin to value the lives of all who share this beautiful blue world we live on.

I also said the language was genderless and non-human specific and that too is important to me.  My image of God is genderless: neither male nor female, neither human nor non-human.  I don’t have enough information to say what God might look like nor do I need any in order to believe that God exists.  All I have to do is look around me and I see the expression of God in everything and everyone I see, hear, and touch.  I am blessed to be able to hold my grandchild in my arms and see an expression of God in her beautiful face.  I am blessed to be held by my husband and feel an expression of God’s embrace.  I am blessed to be comforted by the animals that live and travel life’s road with me and known that God speaks love and compassion through them.  God isn’t separated from my life, God surrounds me.  Just as Saint Patrick states so well:  God before me, God behind me, God to the left of me, God to the right of me, God below me, God above me, God within me.

I realize I haven’t supplied any answers, or given and suggestions as to how we should or should not behave.  This is simply my belief in a God that abides everywhere, I offer it as a gift of who I am.

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