No, Not Now

Come, we have work to do
no, no I have other things to attend to
Come, I need your help
not now! my yard needs weeding
Come, follow me
maybe later, I must take care of family first
Come, the work will not wait
get someone else then; I’m sure they would do better!
COME, it is you I want
well, what is it that you want of me?
To follow where I lead
where will I go, what will I do?
I will tell you when you get there
that’s kind’a nebulous you know
Yes, but if you come great joy awaits
yeah, how will I take care of myself?
I will take care of that, don’t worry
sure that’s what you say now
It is what I always do
ok, so I follow you, how will I get home?
Where I am, Home is

(c) Ruth Jewell March 25, 2010

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