Farmers Market

As I round the corner
a palette of wonders spread out before me
the smell of fresh bread drifts toward me
A line up of vegetables and fruits
 delight the eye
plump peaches, nectarines, and apples
 line up in a juicy chorus line
 Lettuce graces the tables in their varied frills of green
 bright orange carrots with dark green tops call to me … take me home
huge green watermelons compete with golden cantaloupe
to see who wins the trip to my table
Golden Jars glisten with the hard work of Bees,
 Olive oil, fresh fish, homemade cheese, jam, pastry,
all vying for my attention, all longing to be taken home

I am aware of a joyful cacophony of sound and color
fiddlers playing country music
 farmers calling out, …  flowers, fresh apples
“here, taste my candy, once you tried it you can’t turn it down”
conversations overlap … “come you must try …
oh that is the cutest scarf how much is ….  this melts in …
you have the best potatoes, do you have any red …  OH George LOOK …”
dogs  bark, children shout,
two young women playing Mozart
food for my table,
sounds to lift the heart,
smells to savor and remember
OH the lovely sounds, sights and smells of Edmonds Farmers Market

©Ruth Jewell, August 29, 2010

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