A Quiet Walk is authored by Ruth Jewell.  I am an INFP/J who entered into theological study rather late in life.  The result of this rather life changing decision is I have no idea where God is leading me or my poor confused husband and we just pray She does.  This blog is a bit like a journal, a bit like a rant and rave, and a lot like “I’m lost and trying to find my way.”

I don’t know if anything I say is of use to anyone else, and in all honesty, that’s not important.  If what I say touches you in some way I am happy to oblige, but don’t thank me, offer a prayer to the Great Spirit who is guiding my fingers, for I am just a vehicle.

May any and all who read this blog be blessed with love, joy, challenges, prayer, and peace all to counter the tears, boredom, pain and suffering that comes with being human.

Thanks for stopping by,  Ruth Jewell

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Ruth, Where are you? Sorry I missed your call. Tried to call you back, it just rings. I hope that you made it to Switzerland.Glenn


  2. Hi there –
    I am working on my HOMEWORK for my STM Christian Sexuality class. I am creating a PowerPoint about marriage equality.
    If you Support Marriage Equality may I use your PHOTO (one I already have) in the presentation?
    Just REPLY YES if you give me permission.
    BLESSINGS to your week!!!!

    MIA (Melissa Smith)


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